Most Followed on Instagram: Indian Female Singers

By Bandook - March 8, 2019

Wanna look for influencers in music? Look no further than Instagram. And we’re proud to note that the most followed Indian music-maker is a woman: Neha Kakkar. 

Here’s a list of the top 5 Indian female musicians you need to follow…

NEHA KAKKAR (20.2 million followers)

Neha Kakkar makes it to the top of the list, and we’re not surprised. She doesn’t just top the most followed Indian female musician list, but the Indian musician list overall on the sharing platform

SHREYA GHOSHAL (12.6 million followers)

While she has kept her Bollywood outings to a minimum as compared to previous years, hits like Ghoomar and Dhadak kept her in the running. Also, she’s kept with the times, despite having a long career in the industry. This woman knows how to play the social game!

SHIRLEY SETIA (5 million followers)

With one of the biggest collaborations of 2019, Shirley’s everywhere. While the video of the Marshmello X Pritam track Biba might have made a better impact than the audio, we can’t help but admit that Shirley’s continuing popularity with fans is  the reason the song is top of the pops. And it isn’t just the cute smiles. She works hard on social media.! 

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💙🐰 📷:@popmercy 💄:@richie_muah

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SUNANDA SHARMA (3.7 million followers)

Not heard of Sunanda Sharma? Well, you’ve been living under a rock. The Punjabi kudi, best known for Jaani Tere Naa, made her Bollywood playback debut in 2018-19, but had quite the following prior to that. Maybe the casual (and not promotional) posts did it?

KANIKA KAPOOR (3 million followers)

Rounding up the list is the ‘Baby Doll’ herself. From sharing childhood pictures to tired airport looks, she doesn’t shy away from bringing her natural side out. 


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