Music lovers call out Jass Manak’s ‘inspired’ album

By Bryan Durham - August 22, 2020

Music lovers call out Jass Manak’s ‘inspired’ album

We’re not alone in thinking that the latest Jass Manak album NO COMPETITION is blatantly ‘inspired’ (we’re being polite here). Fans and music listeners wrote in to us expressing disappointment on the matter and how it hurts when a supposedly independent young Punjabi artist who is very popular and many look up to, has outright copied bits and parts (or samples, if you please) of already popular (some not as much, but still) songs. And that hurts deeply.

Because dekho bhai, yeh public hai sab jaanti hai…

Let’s start with this reference compilation post by WahOye…

Yes Or No got a lot of flak…

The Race-inspired track Sexy was an obvious catch…

Did we mention some got quite creative with their sarcasm?

But why stop there? A lot of disappointed music lovers hit us up in our DMs to share their thoughts.

Manisha minced no words as she said, “As an ardent listener of Jass Manak’s songs, I was pumped to listen to his latest album. What left me awestruck was how shamelessly he ripped off compositions of other songs without so much of a credit/mention.”

She explains, “Sexy is a clear copy of Khwab Dekhe from Race. Heel is copied from Nikle Currant and Hass Ke has vibes similar to Maninder Buttar’s Laare. As far as I can tell, half the album is copied. I am really disappointed that some people can stoop so low as to plagiarising other artists’ works in the name if inspiration or stating that the ‘copying’ is a coincidence. Stop killing music by plagiarising it. 🙏🏻

Soumi shared her thoughts on the matter, saying, “I’ve only started listening to Jass Manak in earnest lately. Of course, I did hear a few of his older tracks, but didn’t know then that the singer was him. Let’s be fair, I did love a few of his songs. In fact, his sad songs are amazing. His new album excited me, I’ll admit it. I’m always excited when it comes to new music. On first listen, after hearing a few tracks, it hit me. Sexy was too familiar to muss and it took not more than a few seconds to realise the level of similarities between this song and Khwab Dekhe. I got to know that other songs had the same familiarities. As a supporter of independent music, I never support people who do this and I never will. It’s already tiring to hear remakes of legendary songs. Is it too much to crave new, fresh, independent (and most importantly) original music? If one holds the power of creating something beautiful, then it’s way better to create quality content.

Kia, too, picked on the Khwab Dekhe-inspired Sexy and added she felt bad because “Firstly, it’s blatantly copied. It’s done so well that they think, ‘nobody is gonna know, so why bother with credits’. That this is not a new occurrence saddens me more. I mean, almost the whole album sounds copied. I feel cheated as a listener. Plagiarism of anything is wrong. We need to stop this right here and now, instead of encouraging it.”

She adds, “Some big labels have done this so shamelessly in the recent past, and even after they’re criticised by people, they are still doing it, which is why I feel stealing someone else’s music and naming it as one’s own has become routine now. At a personal level, I’ve stopped listening to ‘stolen’ songs.”

Abhish felt, “As a whole, No Competition feels decent, but a couple of tracks have absolute resemblances to already hit tracks. I’ll be there first to say that while I’m not an authority to validate if the songs are plagiarised or not, as an active listener of songs from various genres and artists, I was able to discover the resemblance to existing hits in the first play itself. The question arises: why does someone who’s as consistently successful as Manak had to resort to this. I would like nothing short of an explanation from the artist himself on this.”

Said Hunny, “I did find Yaarian amazing, but it is hard to miss the similarities in some other songs. And even if a few are original, one cannot neglect the fact that Sexy has been copied from Race’s Khwab Dekhe or that Hass Ke sounds a lot like Laare by Maninder Buttar. All I’d like to say is that I don’t support copied compositions/songs.”

Vaishali rounds up the conversation with some mindful insights. She notes. “Apparently, plagiarism seems quite cool to some people. I recently came across Jass Manak’s newly released album. The first track sounded familiar. I quickly skipped to the second track, only to discover another familiarity. Ditto with the third track. One doesn’t have to be a fan of Jass or the artists ripped off to realise where the ‘inpirations’ come from. I feel it’s just taking the indie scene backwards, undoing all the credibility good artists have collectively earned over the years.”

She concludes, “It’s not the first time he has done it. What’s worse other artists have done it, too. I believe an album is special for an artist and has its own charm, as opposed to a single. You can call one composition similar or a coincidence. But when almost all songs on the album resembling some song or the other, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s happening.”

Also, lest we forget, Jassie Gill told Jass Manak about an upcoming song of his and Jaani resembling a song on NO COMPETITION. No update on what song this is.

NOTE: Names changed on request


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