Neha, Tony Kakkar’s new duet is an effortlessly sung ghazal

By Bryan Durham - October 23, 2018

A tastefully shot rendition by siblings Tony and Neha Kakkar in a room decorated with overgrowth is what the video of Zindagi Mil Jayegi is about.

Flautist Nikhil Honkalas (Tejas Vinchurkar, on audio) leads Tony in, as Sayantan Dutta (keys) and Prachotosh Bhowmick (guitar) subtly provide a soothing background to his voice.

Neha joins in at the halfway point for a beautiful ghazal that we’ve kinda come to miss since the days of Pankaj Udhas’s Ahista and its ilk.

There’s precious little to be said about the video, except that Poison Ivy (from the Batman comic book series), would be proud! Watch to understand why.

The thing about the Kakkars is that whenever the siblings come together, it all seems effortless, like they aren’t even trying… it just turns out superb.

SINGLE: Zindagi Mil Jayegi
SINGERS: Tony Kakkar & Neha Kakkar
MUSIC: Tony Kakkar
LYRICS: Tony Kakkar


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