No hide-and-seek here, we reveal where each Luka Chuppi song plays in the film

By Bryan Durham - March 1, 2019

If you’re the sort who watches Bollywood films to see if your favourite song made it to the film, this article is your best friend. The film we saw yesterday is called Luka Chuppi.

Yes, the Kartik Aaryan- Kriti Sanon film that has only re-creations to pass for an album.

Without giving too much away, and to make it simpler for you to understand (in case the trailer didn’t), the film is about local TV reporters Guddu and Rashmi falling in love on the job and deciding to live in. That is, until their families interfere.

Here goes…


The first song to make an appearance in the film is Karan Sehmbi’s re-created Photo. The song plays over the part where the young couple discovers their love for each other.


The second song is the re-created Khaab featuring the voice of original singer Akhil. This is the song that sees their love grow when they spend time away from their families for close to a month.


Originally a love song sung by Mannat Noor for a Punjabi film, this Tulsi Kumar rendition plays out like the background song to a “shotgun wedding”. Why are we calling it that? Watch the film.


The Tony Kakkar-Neha Kakkar song plays over the start of the end credits. Yes, the film’s best-selling song plays when you’re leaving the theatre. 😕😤


The first song to release during promotions doesn’t even feature in the main film and plays over the end credits following Coca Cola Tu.
The folks at White Noise Studios must be soooooo disappointed. We’re not.


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