Nothing childish about Gambino’s latest video

By Bandook - May 7, 2018

Nothing childish about Gambino’s latest video

The artist, otherwise known as Donald Glover, makes a hard-hitting political statement with visuals to latest single.

Childish Gambino has a disarming (if somewhat exaggerated) smile in ‘This Is America’. The visual for the first single off his upcoming album is also testament to the fact that the artist uses that smile to showcase the reality of gun violence and the need for gun control in the country more effectively than any PSA (public service announcement) or heartfelt speech ever can.

It is that appeal to the basest instincts, that mirror to the monsters in moments of madness that he showcases to devastating effect.

Listen to the lyrics. They give nothing away by themselves. But pair it with these contrasting visuals and you have a recipe for social awakening. Not that it might come yet. Maybe the message will be lost in the starkness of it all.

He hacks at the way pop culture trends are used to mask more significant, more far-reaching events of consequence with the overwhelming lure of prettily packaged pointlessness.

The video, directed by his Atlanta collaborator Hiro Murai, also depicts a keen awareness about gun massacre incidents in America, about the widespread use of guns in the streets and schools on American soil.

The first single since his last album (it’s been two years since ‘Awaken My Love!’), ‘This Is America’ is a hard-hitting political statement you didn’t ask for, but one that you definitely need.



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