Darshan Raval’s Bhula Dunga ‘first look’ still trending on Twitter!

By Bryan Durham - March 18, 2020

Unity in diversity is spelling success for this single even before its release

Darshan Raval’s Bhula Dunga ‘first look’ still trending on Twitter!
(L-R) Sidharth Shukla, Darshan Raval and Shehnaaz Gill

It’s rare to see a non-KPop single/artist/band trend on Twitter with this frenzy, but believe it or not, Darshan Raval’s Bhula Dunga (release date not announced as yet) is already trending on Twitter, simply with its first look.


This despite Darshan (118K+) and the stars of Bhula Dunga’s music video, SidNaaz aka Sidharth Shukla (500k+) and Shehnaaz Gill (115K+) all having surprisingly low number of followers on Twitter (given their immense popularity across Twitter). All three have a bigger following on Instagram (Darshan and Shehnaz leading the way there with 4M+ followers).

Also, it is unprecedented for an unreleased non-film independent single that boasts of stars that have yet to make their debut together in a music video, to have these numbers.


At this point, in the last 24 hours, the #BhulaDunga hashtag was the most trending and tweeted WORLDWIDE, behind #coronavirus and #COVID19. Given that Sidharth has the largest following of the three on Twitter, it wasn’t surprising to see #BhulaDungaWithSid follow at 1.1M+ tweets. 

And yet the reason why #BhulaDungaFirstLook is trending the way it is (the hashtag was 2.7M tweets when last clocked) is because clearly the fandoms of everybody connected to the video — Darshaners, SidNaazians, Sidhearts, Shehnaazians and Punitians (Punit J Pathak fans) have come together to support their idols as one.


This despite there being a clear divide between Sid’s followers and Shehnaaz’s followers. As early as January before Bigg Boss 13 came to an end (both Sid and Shehnaaz were participants on the show), their respective followers made them record-setting trends on Twitter.

#ChartbusterSid, #WinnerSid, #WinningSid accounted for a whopping 16.4 million tweets while #BornFighterSana and #FightBackSana logged 6.5 million tweets.

Since then, there has been a lull in activity on these two stars, while Darshan Raval put out at least two singles — one was a Bollywood hit Mehrama (Love Aaj Kal), the other was his independent hit Asal Mein.


While pictures from the shooting of the music video for Bhula Dunga leaked from the sets, the hype wasn’t enough. It would take the time between the official announcement (March 15) and the actual first look reveal (March 17) for the hashtag to trend.

A collaboration between fandoms is almost as good (if not better) than the actual artists collaborating. All that remains to be seen now, is how much amplification the video gets post-release from the fandoms.

And now, given that social distancing is a REAL thing, and several Bollywood films have been postponed or rescheduled, Bhula Dunga has a clear run and enough of an audience to not be forgotten in a hurry.


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