Pari OST | Review

By Bryan Durham - March 5, 2018

Music: Anupam Roy
Lyrics: #AnvitaDutt
Rating: 4/5

1. #MeriKhamoshiHai
Ishan Mitra subtly delivers a modern-day ghazal with verse by Anvita, who beautifully compares Anushka’s character’s ‘zikr ki jasoosi’ to Parambrata’s character’s own self-imposed silence. While deeply situational in essence, it will outlast the film in appeal. It’s that good a song! Take a bow, Anupam Roy!

2. So Ja So Ja
Rekha Bhardwaj‘s macabre lullaby will give you sleepless nights. She imbues it with just the right amounts of melancholy and punctuates her rendition with the perfect number of pauses. Anupam Roy makes sure you feel a chill down your spine and Dutt’s verse accentuates the dread lurking in the dark recesses of the night. And that violin (Rohan Roy) just adds to the atmospheric sound.

VERDICT: Anupam Roy brings out his sharpest tools to craft a minimal, yet accurately effective soundtrack.


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