People these days do collaborations for all the wrong reasons – Lost Stories

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - May 23, 2018

People these days do collaborations for all the wrong reasons – Lost Stories

EDM duo Lost Stories get talking ahead of their Imagica gig on Saturday.

Indian DJ/Producer duo Lost Stories (Prayag Mehta and Rishabh Joshi) have done it all — official remixes for Alan Walker‘s Faded and OneRepublic‘s Wherever I Go count as being right up there in terms of achievements. They’re in-demand at most music festivals. So, it’s just another day at work (with a lot of fun thrown in) when they play Imagica through Vh1 Supersonic’s takeover of India’s largest theme park destination this Saturday (May 26). The duo will be part of the theme park’s fifth anniversary celebrations.

We had a quick chat with Rishabh and here’s how it went down…

How does your story begin?
Prayag and I were making music before we started Lost Stories. When we met on the Internet, we realised that we shared a common goal when it came to music; that is to make it huge internationally. Hence we started collaborating on a few projects and that’s how lost stories was made.

Why is live music so important to you?
Live music & music made inside a computer both are important to us. Both have been the medium of self-expression for us.

A music genre you would love to try?
The list is endless because we are constantly trying out new genres all the time.

Anyone of your lost stories during your events that no one knows about?
There are lots of them. From people forcing us to make gang signs for pictures to fights breaking out backstage. The funniest one was in China where the club owner gifted us a watermelon carved in the shape of an elephant.

Your favourite place to perform?
Shanghai / Tomorrowland

International acts you’d love to perform with?
ZHU, Porter Robinson, Odesza.

Many artists are making international collaborations. What is your take on it?
Collaborations are great when the intention is to make great music and not anything else. People these days do collaborations for all the wrong reasons and that’s really sad.

One of your favourite remixes so far?
Our remix for Cheat Codes‘ Turn Me On which we did with CROSSNADERS& our remixes for Alan Walker.

Any new music? Something that we should be excited about?
There is a LOT of new music coming up and yes. Everyone needs to be excited about it.

Is it their first time performing there? Your favourite attraction there. How different would you expect this venue to be from where you’ve performed before?
It’s not our first time. The number one attraction for us has always been the fans. Of course, it’s not everyday that we get to perform at a theme park so that adds to the excitement.


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