Pritam, Shirley share details on ‘Biba’

By Bryan Durham - January 31, 2019

We reached out to Pritam and Shirley Setia after news of their collaboration with dance producer Marshmello broke and they had a lot to share about Biba, their Punjabi track that drops Friday.

Pritam explained the brief to us. He said, “Marshmello and his team, I believe, wanted to collaborate on music that is very popular and very Indian…something that would play at weddings.”

How did he find it working with Mello? Says Pritam da, “I enjoyed working on the song with him and I can see why he is the biggest music producer around.”

What does the song have that makes it click? “The song has got a vibrant young energy and it’s amazing how a completely different genre like EDM has worked so beautifully with an Indian song,” he says.

Shirley Setia is ecstatic about the collaboration. She tells us, “It was always a dream of mine to work with Pritam da, and for it to happen with Biba, that too with Marshmello, is surreal!”

She talks about their last meeting. “I met Marshmello in June 2018, and it was so awesome that we ended up doing a little dance video together! Had always been a fan of his music, so i was very amazed to see how chill and fun loving he is.”

Of Biba, she says, “I think the song reflects the same chill, fun vibe, and I can totally see us dancing on this one next when we meet again soon!”

Keep your eyes peeled for Shirley (fingers crossed) joining Mello on stage!


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