QARAN’s Haaye Oye has you craving for more!

By Bryan Durham - March 22, 2019

SONG: Haaye Oye
LYRICS: Siddhant Kaushal
SINGER: Ash King


QARAN is the producer-composer known best for Tareefan before this. He apparently composed this spontaneously on a rainy day in Amsterdam. He and singer Ash King have collaborated once before (for Kishmish). This is the first of four pop singles that QARAN will release exclusively with Sony Music. This music video, shot at a theme park, sees dancer-actors Elli AvrRam and Shantanu Maheshwari paired for the first time.


‘Smooth’ and ‘chill’ are the first adjectives that come to mind when you hear this downtempo number with sundowner vibes. As it builds into the chorus, you can’t help but tap your feet and eventually sway to this urbane romantic melody by QARAN.

Siddhant Kaushal’s Punjabi-Hindi hybrid lyrics articulate just how it goes when you’re utterly and hopelessly in love. It’s flirty but has that innocence of first love.

Ash King’s rendition is breezy, lilting with a touch of longing.


Lasts close to five minutes, with the first minute and a half spent in building the story into a meet-cute. Shantanu and Elli’s chemistry is sweet and feels authentic. QARAN’s music playing a catalyst in getting the two together feels effective, but gets a bit confusing towards the end, when he needs a nudge himself.

bandook VERDICT

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a “musical” in the pop music video space. This out-and-out dance video is just what the doctor ordered! QARAN’s unique sound is something we’ve now got a distinct taste of and we’re already craving for more!

Stream Haaye Oye HERE


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