Raja Kumari, Shah Rule collaborate for the first time

By Bandook - October 3, 2019

Raja Kumari, Shah Rule collaborate for the first time

DIVINE’s Gully Gang Records has added to its repository of releases with the first-ever collaboration between rapper Shah Rule and Indian-American singer-songwriter Raja Kumari, titled Kaun Hai Tu. Gully Gang Cypher in May and last week’s release Saifan’s Zakhmi.

Kaun Hai Tu is now available on all streaming platforms. Armed with an infectious groove and tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a crushing hook – “Kaun hai tu, hai tu kidhar ka, jaise aaya waise hi wapas nikal ja” – the track is as much about calling out haters and trolls, as it’s a perfect example of the crackling chemistry the two artists share. 

While Shah Rule – known to most people as the person who took down Ranveer Singh’s Murad in Gully Boy – had written the chorus with his Gully Gang label associate D’Evil late last year, it was only after he played the track for Raja Kumari at a party earlier this year, that the duo decided to team up and finish the track in the studio. 

Speaking about the track Raja Kumari states, “Shah Rule and I have been friends for a long time now and a collaboration was long overdue. I am a big fan of his voice and melodies and knew our tones would blend together so well. This record is about being confident and not accepting trash talking of any form. The lyrics talk about loving yourself, being comfortable in your own skin and owning what you stand for.  It feels like people operate from scarcity and not abundance these days. Online hate is just part of the game, but I feel like when you work on yourself and stay in your own lane, no one can touch you. This is the first song that I’m singing a hook entirely in Hindi. I hope this song inspires my fans to be confident in themselves and strong enough to tell their haters: Jaise aaya waise hi vaapas nikal ja.”

Talking about how the track came together, Shah Rule says, “Kaun Hai Tu was the perfect opportunity to work with Raja Kumari, and it was something on my list ever since I met her a couple of years ago. We get along really well, and once I saw was where the track was headed, I thought right away that Raja would sonically fit the track and, topic-wise, I knew she would slay it, which she definitely did. Personally, it came from a place of receiving criticism and hate from people who don’t have the authority or the credentials. The lead hook line is something Raja and I have heard on countless occasions and this is what we would tell someone who’s negative opinion does not register with us.”

Karan Kanchan, highly regarded by his peers for his production chops, gave his finishing touches to the track. 

Shah Rule and Raja Kumari also performed the track on MTV Hustle, a rap reality show that Raja Kumari is also currently a judge on, last week.


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