Reasons why Anne-Marie should be your best friend

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - April 18, 2018

Reasons why Anne-Marie should be your best friend - Bandook

Reasons why Anne-Marie should be your best friend
But seriously, do you need any reasons?

Oojal Kour for bandook

We’ve been in love with English singer-songwriter Anne-Marie since first hearing #Rockabye, then #Alarm and everything right till Friends. But why is Anne-Marie totally amazing and awesome? Here’s a checklist…

1. She’a three-time #karate world champ. Break her heart and she’ll break your bones.
2. She’s a big-time #foodie. Doesn’t care out her calorie intake. Life is good and so is food.
3. No constant in life. Visible through the rainbow mane she changes frequently.
4. Attractive and quirky and yeah, burps a lot. And is proud of it.
5. Both a drama queen and a little “Les Miserables” at ayoung age.
6. Effortlessly sexy and beautiful. Is fine AF and girl knows it!
7. Friends don’t sleep in other’s beds. You’re like a brother from another mother. Why do you even bother? She took real-life inspiration for “Friends” and what’s best is that she finds the entire situation very funny.

Is there any way to love her any more? Don’t think that’s possible.


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