REVIEW: Anyone asked for a Punjabi Tanishk Bagchi? Didn’t think so!

By Bryan Durham - July 24, 2019

REVIEW: Anyone asked for a Punjabi Tanishk Bagchi? Didn’t think so!

The new (sadly, not improved) Yo Yo Honey Singh is nothing like his former (think Desi Kalakaar-era) self. 

The setting for his latest outing — a remake of ‘Golden Star’ Malkit Singh’s iconic Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha — is loud, garish, and quite frankly, a bit all over the place.

It shows the artist clinging to formulaic impulses and the knowledge that his fans WILL come through with the likes, views and positive comments.

That is because they do. They’re LITERALLY the only thing standing between YYHS and total irrelevance in today’s day and age.

While he has hit the bullseye of mass appreciation often, the man has had several misses of late. His biggest hits today are all re-creations of popular songs, but is that fair to the fan who came in with Pangaa, Blue Eyes, Dope Shope or Angreji Beat?

The much-touted comeback (more on that HERE) Makhna disappointed, despite Honey’s fans trying to convince us of the contrary, going to the extent of giving the tripe of a video a total of 200mn+ views so far.

To anyone who has followed the man’s career, one thing has become clear: the style has gone out the window (and we aren’t talking about his dressing sense here, the man used to take more risks, production-wise).

Now relying on embellishments (featured performance by BFunk, for one) and having Malkit feature in the remake video was a brilliant touch, one that might pay rich dividends at some point. But immediately speaking, the video (directed by Harry Singh/Preet Singh) and single as a whole, underwhelms.

The fact that YYHS, Singhsta and Hommie Dilliwala all share writing credits for a new portion that’s a quarter of the running time, shows you that it’s more of a team effort these days than the solo show we were used to.

All one can say is, it sure looks like Yo Yo is aiming to be the Punjabi Tanishk Bagchi, and that in itself is a thought we’d like to banish. 


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