REVIEW: ‘Kithe’ lets Vishal Mishra shine

By Bryan Durham - July 1, 2020

Kithe is the kind of Vishal Mishra song that you’ll come to love almost immediately if you simply hear it before watching the video.

REVIEW: ‘Kithe’ lets Vishal Mishra shine

It’s a slow-burner compared to his Aaj Bhi. That song unashamedly takes you to the dizzy heights of nostalgia and what-ifs and drops you without warning into the abyss of a hereafter and the calm that follows.

In Kithe, the language changes to predominantly Punjabi, a language whose beauty you will only love if you understand the words. Aaj Bhi was more accessible because it was in Hindi.

It holds you through its running time and brings you back for repeats even if you don’t understand Punjabi that well to appreciate the lyrics.

It is Vishal Mishra’s voice that gives life to Babbu’s precise, to-the-point poetry. A rendition that points out why he might just be our in-the-making answer to a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, comes as the song draws to a close. 

Kithe plays out predictably in the video. The events following the accident play out leaving no doubt about Vatsal Sheth’s fate right from the start. Director (Navjit Buttar) expects you, the viewer, to not be aware of that fact. But if you are an evolved viewer, you’ll see right through. 

One grouse with the video is this. Despite strict instructions to not reveal the truth about her husband to Ishita’s character, she finds out and is admitted into an asylum. Would one’s parents find it that tough to cope that they’d cop out and take the easier way out rather than help her through trying times? [Thinking out loud here]

Anyway, the plus point is that Vishal gets to be the focus of the video rather than simply being a prop in the background (like most singers in videos get relegated to). Ishita and Vatsal might be the it couple in showbiz at the moment, but to this reviewer, Vishal remains the reason I will watch this video on repeat.

Happy that Desi Music Factory and Anshul Garg did the right thing.


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