REVIEW: Miley Cyrus’s latest video is full of meme-orable pop culture moments!

By Bryan Durham - November 30, 2018

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart is the latest Mark Ronson song and the video has Miley Cyrus (she’s also a featuring artist on the track) in what might (or rather should) be a driver-less car. And we’re saying that because, for most of the video, her hands aren’t on the steering wheel.

Lyrically, on the face of it, the song is about a relationship tearing apart at the seams.

Sonically, it sees Miley returning to her country-pop roots thanks to the restrained but slick production by Mark Ronson on a song he co-wrote with Miley and a few other writers. At the outset, it wafts and wallows all Lana Del Rey-like before Miley grounds it with her unique vocal twang that’s hopeful, uplifting, even.

Visually, the heartbreak isn’t about a flesh-and-blood character as much as it about the state of the union. It’s more political dirge than a never-getting-back-together ballad. Gun control, clergy corruption and burning political issues are all on the table.

You see Miley speed down a freeway being chased by police cars with fans and haters on the sidelines. If the car ornament above her dashboard wasn’t referential enough, she literally breaks down walls with her car for a ‘Wrecking Ball’ as she crashes strip clubs (with priests for patrons) and gun ranges (being used by children) and drives by players taking a knee and a female couple having an intimate moment.

Thought-provoking, the video by the collective We Are From LA is no This Is America. It is no slouch either. It shows that the artist doesn’t shy from making politically loaded with provocative imagery to make a valid point.

Filled with a meme-orable pop culture moments, don’t be surprised if you are inundated with more stories about this video over the weekend.

Watch the video here


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