REVIEW: Spelling apart, we’re sold on ‘Nikle Currant’

By Bryan Durham - October 12, 2018

SINGLE: Nikle Currant
SINGERS: Jassie Gill & Neha Kakkar
MUSIC: Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz

Girl is fed up of guy’s seemingly lackadaisical attitude towards their rishta. He shows up late for a date, he keeps her waiting and she’s had enough and shows him just how upset she is. But, then again, she does throw him some slack. After making him work for it!

Sukh-E’s signature sound is punctuated by Jassie Gill and Neha Kakkar’s vocals. The lyrics (by Jaani) are not highfalutin but rather quite simple and easy-to-hum-along. There’s mention of love that never lets go, each singer telling the other how much they can’t live without each other.
The dance number feels familiar, yet has quite an electric vibe.

Arvindr keeps the mood bright and light. You feel like you’re in a familiar place, but it’s a fleeting feeling. It helps that Neha’s infectious smile and Jassie’s peppy presence is a mood-lifter. The two have a curious, but cool chemistry.

The spelling snob in us is crying out (it oughta be “current”, not “currant”). That apart we’re kinda sold on the song itself. Go check it out!

REVIEW: Spelling apart, we’re sold on ‘Nikle Currant’


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