Robbie Williams trolls Justin Bieber with post likes ‘race’

By Bandook - November 11, 2019

Unlike Justin Bieber, Robbie Williams ain’t asking for as many likes to release his Christmas album.

Justin Bieber just wants attention, that much was clear in his Instagram post roughly two weeks ago, where he asked Beliebers to get the post to reach 20 million likes if they wanted his Christmas album to release prior to the beginning of the festive season.

Robbie Williams trolls Justin Bieber with post likes ‘race’

Squarely trolling JB, RW decided to have a little fun at the Bieb’s expense and put out a post saying he’d release his own Christmas album The Christmas Present, if his post hit 20 likes.

No prizes for guessing he crossed the figure in no time and immediately released details on the album.

It’s been four years since Justin’s Purpose. Fans have little to no patience for waiting games and you don’t do that to your fans anyway, just for clout/flex/bragging rights.

But then again, JB has a long way to go before he reaches a maturity of sorts, like the original enfant terrible Robbie Williams did.

At this point, expecting Virat Kohli to smash more records in the next ten days seems likelier than Justin reaching 20 million likes. 

Prove us wrong, Beliebers, we dare ya!


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