Sam Smith celebrates his body with “Naked Day”

By Bandook - April 4, 2019

Hitmaker Sam Smith recently shed his clothes to celebrate his body for “Naked Day.

Sam Smith celebrates his body with “Naked Day”

He revealed last month that he had issues with his body image and that he went through liposuction at the age of 12 because he was heavily bullied as a child.

Smith, 26, on the occasion of “Naked Day” shared a topless picture on Instagram on Wednesday and said that he spent the entire day naked to celebrate his body. He captioned it saying “For my entire life I have always hated being naked. Today I decided to have a naked day and spend the day in my room and watch TV and read and eat what I want and just celebrate this bod.”

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Well, that takes some guts, and we’re super proud of you, Sam Smith!


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