“Sochde Nahi” before making a music video?

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - May 17, 2018

“Sochde Nahi” before making a music video?

Yuvraj Hans’s latest track is soulful, but the visuals lack staying power.

Yuvraj Hans is back with his new song, “Sochde Nahi”, months after releasing the party track Nachan Ton Pehlan. Sochde is a track with soulful lyrics penned by Maninder kailey – MK.

If only the video was as well put together. The basic story is of a boy who is a failure in life and can’t do anything professionally. He loves a girl who is ready to do anything for him, but his ego and pride slash him down, along with the girl.

What happens in every relationship is portrayed through this and what it shows is that one needs to work to maintain a relationship. Fair enough.

It is no easy task. Just like making a good music video. But alas, this boy fails in both reel life and real life (of course, with the music video being proof of that).

Besides, you don’t step out for a fancy dinner without any money in your wallet and then walk off in a huff. You don’t leave the door of your house open, even if the crime rate in your area is low. Giving up your job just for your lover to snatch it up makes no sense at all either.

Yuvraj Hans looks like a mix of the best of Arjun Kapoor and Prabhas put together, somehow wanting us to believe that he is just as credible. However, somewhere in the midst of this all, he has failed to play the part.

But we do love the song. The lyrics salvage the experience.


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