Sona says, ‘We don’t have a real music industry’

By Bandook - June 26, 2020

The industry is abuzz with talk of ‘nepotism’, ‘favouritism’ and ‘music mafia’, thanks to a veteran singer deciding to play a self-appointed whistleblower, another outspoken singer Sona Mohapatra has decided to go one step further and say it as she sees it.

Sona says, ‘We don’t have a real music industry’

While you’ve heard of the former (undoubtedly), the latter is someone who believes that no matter how rich or successful, everyone has a ‘struggler’ mindset. She says as much (and more) as she notes that they refuse to feel secure enough to be able to look out for others.

Sona does feel secure enough to point out that the so-called gatekeepers and tastemakers would do well to adopt more inclusive practices that welcome diversity. A startling fact that should worry you, she shares, is that for 100 films released in theatres, only eight songs or so feature female voices.

“The fact that we don’t have a real music industry in a country as big as India should bother all of us. Mainstream musicians are second-class citizens in Bollywood & go through a miserable and humiliating ‘rejection’ and ‘ragging’ process while making a soundtrack,” she observes.

She adds, “The creator of a song doesn’t even have the right to cast a singer and that itself is so disrespectful to the process of creativity. It is the reason why so many people are dubbed for ‘scratches’.”

Calling for a discussion about music label monopolies and a lopsided clique-driven power structure in the film industry, she calls for self-reflection. And says it’s important that audience start “rejecting mediocrity” and become “more demanding of authenticity and integrity from our entertainers.”

And she makes a valid point there. Simply pointing out the rot won’t do, you have to rip it from the root.


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