‘The idea of the song really impressed me’ – Shilpa Rao

By Oojal Kour Dhanjal - May 8, 2018

‘The idea of the song really impressed me’ – Shilpa Rao

Shilpa Rao on singing for her latest single, Maahi.

Have you seen the video for Shilpa Rao’s ‘Maahi’ featuring MKSHFT? You should. We already expect the best from her and lucky for us, she doesn’t disappoint.

Journeying past empty trackways and through instant photographs and imagined doorways of feelings, the singer and the producer take you through a modern-day equivalent of what it means to be in love and feel it.

In fact, the music video has comments that has fans showing love for the song. However, those unaware about who MKSHFT is, are comparing him to a marshmello-like character (blame it on the dark Rubik’s Cube helmet?).

About the song, Shilpa says “The idea of the song really impressed me. It’s about how everyone falls in love despite knowing that the situation may not be in their favour always. But still, everyone believes in the idea of love and always gives a try. My friend Shirin Anandita has written the lyrics beautifully. MKSHFT and Sudhanshu Tewari (vocal composer) have composed and produced the song really well. The best part of the song is the energy and the meaning behind it.”

Watch the video here:


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