The Malik men team up for Zara Thehro, but their fans can’t wait

By Bandook - July 4, 2020

Armaan Malik and Amaal Mallik’s next single Zara Thehro will also include their father Daboo Malik (he’s the co-director of the video along with Team Trigger Happy).

The Malik men team up for Zara Thehro, but their fans can’t wait

Composed by Amaal Mallik, with vocals by Armaan Malik and Tulsi Kumar, Zara Thehro’s lyrics are by Rashmi Virag and “describes the intensity of a precious moment shared between lovers who refuse to part”. The music video will feature Armaan and actor Mehreen Pirzada.

The Malik men team up for Zara Thehro, but their fans can’t wait

Zara Thehro is also a musical reunion of sorts as Amaal, Armaan, and lyricist Rashmi Virag come together three years after Tere Mere from the 2017 movie Chef.

“I’m pretty stoked for this release,” shares Armaan, adding the reason, “It’s very rare to find a duet that has been crafted like this in recent times. Zara Thehro is a conversation between two lovers, using the simplest of words to convey emotions.”

Of the music video he says, “Now that it’s all edited and put together, the video looks amazing. We sang, shot, and got this ready from our homes during the lockdown, without much professional help. It is something I’ll be super proud of 10 years down the line as well.”

Adds Amaal, “Zara Thehro stemmed from a thought of marrying two separate thoughts – musical and conceptual. One, was the idea penned down by the lyricist Rashmi Virag, who told me about creating a song that speaks about a scene where a lover asks another to just sit and speak for a little more time before they disperse. The scene played out so beautifully in front of my eyes, that it drove me to create something on it immediately. I’ve made sure nothing sounds compromised or substandard just because of the time we’re living in currently.”

Amaal further adds, “Textures can be manoeuvred and that’s what I have done with Tulsi and Armaan’s voice being brought together. Giving the audience a contrast in texture takes this song into a different zone and that’s the aim. Armaan and Tulsi have had really successful collaborations in the past for other composers. Tulsi and I have had fruitful collaborations like Soch Na Sake (Airlift) and Salamat (Sarabjit).”

Armaan sounds excited about Tulsi’s feature. He says, “I’m glad Tulsi and I are teaming up yet again for a beautiful song like Zara Thehro because listeners love hearing our duets! In the past we have collaborated on multiple tracks such as Dil Mein Chhupa Loonga (Wajah Tum Ho), Dil Ke Paas (Unplugged), and the Tose Naina-Tum Jo Aaye from Mixtape to name a few. I love how Tulsi and my voice complements each other and the melody. She has a unique voice, with child-like innocence and sweetness.”

The Malik men team up for Zara Thehro, but their fans can’t wait

Tulsi cannot hide her excitement either. She adds, “This is a song about pure love, about emotions between two people, where they convey their feelings to each other through beautiful poetry. Rashmi Virag has yet again given us some beautiful and relatable lyrics. It’s an amazing composition and I absolutely loved being part of it. Singing this song took me back to a lot of emotions I have felt personally at some point in my life.”

She continues, “In the past, Armaan and I have come together for some beautiful tracks and I’m happy about this collaboration as well. I have also worked with Amaal on a lot of his previous compositions to name a few and have a very positive feeling about this one too.”

Of getting behind the camera, Daboo says, “Actually, the seeds of direction were sown a long time ago. In fact, I had directed the video of Armaan’s first single, which was shot in Dubai. But, after that, we always left it to other directors to do the job for all his subsequent videos. However, when it came to Zara Thehro, we had no option but to shoot at home. We went through various ideas and thoughts and finally I thought, ‘Why not shoot and let Armaan emote his true feelings… let the face speak, let the emotions in the eyes be captured?’. We waited for the right light over a period of two days and kept shooting till we got what we wanted.”

Fingers crossed for Monday, then! Going by the reactions we received on our Instagram post about the first look poster, we believe fans can’t wait!


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