The Yellow Diary’s Rab Raakha is a modern classic

By Bryan Durham - January 28, 2020

The Yellow Diary’s Rab Raakha is a modern classic
The Yellow Diary | INSTAGRAM

It’s pertinent to note that the poetry in The Yellow Diary’s releases (Marz & Izafa being their last released EPs) have been things of beauty — pregnant with overwhelming emotions and meaning and glowing with imagination. It comes as no surprise then, that each successive track finds immense love.

Attend any gig of TYD and you’ll know that their fans know each word and sing along with as much passion as vocalist Rajan Batra does. 

That’s a rare sight to behold these days. Poetry is near-absent and to experience that in a linguistically fluid song that resonates with you, makes you wonder, why can’t we have more?

Rab Raakha, the latest offering from The Yellow Diary has you instantly hooked. The just-released lyric video adds to the experience. 

Delving into a journey of self-discovery means acknowledging that one’s lost, that one’s in search of direction, that one wants to be found, that one’s willing to learn and grow. And recognising that one is able to do this because a higher power is at large, ensuring that you can keep your eye on the destination, where you need to be.

That’s the journey Rab Raakha takes you on, making it a modern classic, a song for the present and song for all times. If this doesn’t touch you deep inside, you were probably hollow inside to begin with.

Watch the Rab Raakha lyric video here….


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