This viral Gully Boy – 8 Mile mashup video just dropped the mic!

By Bryan Durham - January 12, 2019

When it isn’t enough that people point out, including us (read HERE) that the trailer of an upcoming film called Gully Boy, starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt has stark similarities, trust a rap meme page to spell it out via a video meme in no uncertain, beating-around-bush terms.

Indian hip-hop, despite being around for several years now, is sharply divided on lines of mainstream and underground and “being real” and being a “sellout” and so, gets widely debated in this country.

So, when some of the biggest film stars in the country make a film on street hip-hop, they will get bouquets, yes, but should be prepared for brickbats (can’t please everyone, guys) as well. Just because you make a film on street hip-hop won’t automatically give you street cred.

And so, if you had any doubt whatsoever about comparisons between the Gully Boy trailer and 8 Mile, let this video put it to rest…


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