TRAILER REVIEW: ‘Gully Boy’ is no 8 Mile, but sure tries hard to be one

By Bryan Durham - January 9, 2019

TRAILER REVIEW: ‘Gully Boy’ is no 8 Mile, but sure tries hard to be one

Indian hip-hop finally gets Bollywood-ised. And they’re packaging it as ‘Asli Hip Hop’. If only.

Because here’s the thing. The only thing asli (‘real’ in Hindi) about the trailer (through the clips we’ve seen so far) is the film’s music. Credited to Karsh Kale and the Salvage Audio Collective, it’s as close as one can get to the names that actually made it big from the streets — like its inspirations Naezy and Divine among others.

The trailer plays out pretty much like the way 8 Mile did, something “real” Indian hip-hop fans have pointed out over and over again, ever since the ‘Asli HipHop Trailer Announcement’ dropped, a couple of days ago.

With the official trailer releasing today, one thing becomes clear. Ranveer Singh is most likely playing Naezy with Siddhant Chaturvedi playing Divine. Most of the trailer, just like ‘8 Mile’, is about rap battles, performance jitters, daddy issues, girl problems, forged friendships, cribbing in cars and eventual success (right down to that scene, where he has the crowds eating out of his hands).

Ranveer looks the part, but doesn’t sound it. Two tracks feature in the trailer: Azaadi and Apna Time Aayega. While DIVINE is effortless on Azaadi, Ranveer sounds laboured on Apna Time Aayega.

Alia Bhatt plays Ranveer’s love interest in the film and from the looks of it in the trailer, is the perfect counterfoil to the hero’s brooding character. While she’s a feisty, independent woman in the video, only time (and the eventual soundtrack release) will tell if she gets to spit bars or simply get behind the mic, even.

Short mein bole toh, quite a lot of aag and all, but no mic drop moments here.


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