Arjun Kanungo’s ‘Tu Na Mera’ video treads familiar territory

By Bryan Durham - January 16, 2019

The music video for Tu Na Mera, Arjun Kanungo’s latest single, a VYRL Original, is out and boy, it’s more of the same old, same old.

The video opens with Carla Dennis sitting dazed and lost in a war-torn zone as bullets whiz past her.

She is “rescued” by Arjun and taken to safety on one of the floors of an under-construction building.

As they wait for the gunfire around them to die down, it gets worse and worse as they get ambushed by terrorists (?) and Arjun even takes a shot to the leg and it seems all is lost until Carla gathers her wits and “rescues” him.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Watch the video to know more…

And now that you have, here’s our two bits on the video….

This is the second video that has Arjun Kanungo playing a rejected lover (Aaya Na Tu being the first; also he played a jilted lover in the film Jalebi) and the third time the lyricist (Kunaal Vermaa) going for the same phrase (Aaya Na Tu, Jo Tu Na Mila and now, Tu Na Mera).

Those “coincidences” aside, it’s a rather competently shot video with a storyline, but takes rather long to conclude.

You foresee the third-wheeling and Arjun’s eventually getting friendzoned a mile away, but it’s his sincere performance that sees the video through. Carla’s “reveal” is ripe for unintentional laughs.

Video director Danny Mamik’s best work on this video is in the first half, but doesn’t quite hold you in its sway all the way to the end.

Let us know what you thought of the video.


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