Tulsi Kumar: Darshan Raval and I have similar sensibilities

By Bryan Durham - July 2, 2020

Tulsi Kumar is always a delight to speak to and when we spoke to her for Tere Naal, her first collaboration with Darshan Raval, she regaled us with stories about the genesis of the song and her experience working with DR. 

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Tulsi Kumar: Darshan Raval and I have similar sensibilities

What was your first impression of Darshan? Had you heard of him before?

I had seen some of Darshan’s independent work, because he does a lot of independent music and he has a really good vocal tone and texture. Even on the day we met, we hit it off quite well, because we were on the same page for many things. I think he’s very promising and very involved in his work and I think that’s the reason we both had similar sensibilities. It was really good working with him. 

You’ve been in the industry far longer than he has, did you offer any advice? Did he ask for any? 

I did have my inputs on a lot of things, which we did discuss and he was very happy with the kind of ideas I put forward. I’ve done a lot of Bollywood music and he’s done a lot of independent and that’s also a place where we both can actually exchange notes and we have been, because my recent discussions with him have been that I want to do more independent music… we keep discussing stuff and that is really nice. We’ve done a lot of Bollywood and he’s done a lot of independent music in the last few years since he’s started out. Overall, the whole idea of the collaboration came about, because we should do something together that sounds great, because our tones are being appreciated together. The whole vibe of the song has really connected with the audience and the video also has. We didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did. People actually thought it was a professionally shot video. The best thing is with Darshan and me is that we both like to put the effort in whatever we do and it’s not just happened for the sake of it and that also reflects in the final product, when you work together as a team. 

Darshan has played the role of a love guru in a show, if you were to ever take up a role on TV, what concept would you go for?

Tulsi Kumar: Darshan Raval and I have similar sensibilities

I also like to give advice, I give a lot of love advice to my friends through their problems. I gave them the correct advice too, I don’t detour them from their life. I believe in saying the right thing and I believe I’d make a good love guru on screen. 


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