Twitter rolls out Voice Tweets feature with these artists

By Bandook - June 21, 2020

It seems like the best time to promote their new “voice tweets” feature given that it’s World Music Day today. And that’s exactly what Twitter did for Indian users by promoting this rollout with the help of India’s singing superstars.

Armaan Malik, Shilpa Rao, Jonita Gandhi, Guru Randhawa and Jassie Gill will use the feature to “imbue timelines will melodies that capture the moment”.

Twitter rolls out Voice Tweets feature with these artists
(L-R) Jonita Gandhi, Armaan Malik, Shilpa Rao, Jassie Gill, Guru Randhawa

Most use music to unwind, but many use it also as a means to emote and express themselves. Needless to say, it has transformed the lives of these singers and inspired countess others. And so, in association with Twitter, these singers are all set to share their musical motivation with #MoodSongs.

When we reached out to Shilpa Rao, she said she loved the new feature. She said, “I would love for people to now get to HEARING stuff and let their minds process it as opposed to WATCHING a song. Nowadays, the phrase is literally ‘watching a song’. I think we should get back to our roots where we’re listening to a voice, we’re listening to music and having an imagination of our own — trying to understand the emotion the person singing was trying to portray. A lot of times, text and visuals do not express an emotion very well. But when it comes to a voice… when you talk to someone on a phone call, you can feel what that person is going through. You get a much clearer perspective. And so, I think voice tweets are far more personal. Wish you all a happy World Music Day.”

Jonita echoed the sentiment, saying, “I haven’t yet used the feature but will be using it for World Music Day. This is a great addition for artists to connect with their followers in a more personal way, with voice messages. It’s like communicating with a friend through a voice note.”

How does she plan to use the feature? “This feature can help me promote my music by allowing me to share clips of myself singing or clips of my music in a more effective way than just sharing a link or creative,” she said.

Whatever it be, it sure seems like our singers are taking a shine for it!

Here’s Armaan’s voice tweet

Guru’s voice tweet

…and finally, Jassie’s voice tweet


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