Vishal Dadlani: Don’t remix my songs!

By Bryan Durham - October 31, 2019

Vishal Dadlani: Don’t remix my songs!
Vishal Dadlani

Vishal Dadlani has declared war against re-creations. Well, those re-creating his hit songs with Shekhar Ravjiani, in the very least. The singer-composer has stated that going forward, he will sue anyone who attempts to re-create his songs and went as far as calling those who do, “vultures”.

But hold your high horses for just a wee bit. There’s a catch here. Vishal isn’t totally against re-creations (he insists on calling them remixes 🤷🏽‍♂️) . He just doesn’t want musicians to “bastardise” his songs without permission, due credit and remuneration.

Which does sound fair, TBH. Until you realise that’s in the internet equivalent of ‘fine print’. In big, bold letters, you have this: “WARNING: I will sue anyone making remixes of Vishal & Shekhar songs. I’ll even move court against the film and the musicians.”

He goes on to add that he hears that after Saaki Saaki, there are “upcoming bastardisations of (his composiitions like) Dus Bahaane, Deedar De, Sajnaji Vaari Vaari, Desi Girl and more.”

The WARNING in the fine print includes this from VD: “I will come for you hard, legally. Especially the musicians doing it. This will become very, very personal even if you are a friend.”

Never one to mince words, he simply states that due diligence must happen. Take permission, give due credit and remuneration.

Easier said than done, given the number of re-creations on the anvil (Vishal & Shekhar and otherwise). It’s a bold step in the right direction and one hopes he sees this through.

Fingers crossed 🤞.


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