‘Wanna Do Susu’ gets a standalone music video

By Bandook - April 2, 2018

‘Wanna Do Susu’ gets a standalone music video - Bandook

‘Wanna Do Susu’ gets a standalone music video
Mahself asking… because, why not? Varun Thakur’s antics on an earlier Bacardi House Party Sessions video went viral. Hence…

Team bandook

The All India Bakchod (AIB) comedy collective has had a separate video channel called AIB Doosra for a while now. Termed ‘main channel ka gareeb bhai’, the channel sees its latest video release with actor Varun Thakur.

Thakur, an actor-comedian best known for the antics of his alter-ego Vicky Malhotra, had shot for an AIB video, a while back, and stitched-up snippets from the video and it’s called Wanna Do Susu.

Featuring a bladder-full of Vicky-isms from the earlier video, this one unleashes a string of repetitive catchphrases as chopped vocals set to music and programmed by Mehar Chumble and Priyam Gadhvi. Lyrics have been credited to Devaiah Bopanna, who also wrote the screenplay for the original video.

Catchy AF, it’s a #earworm that gets stuck in your head.

The mad, mad video has been directed by Vishal Dayama, edited by Dipraj Jadhav with additional online editing and animation by Siddhartha Tripathi.


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