‘We’re sharing these chapters first’

By Bandook - April 24, 2018

‘We’re sharing these chapters first’

The Yellow Diary on launching their debut EP

The launch of The Yellow Diary’s three-track debut EP ‘Marz’ happens tomorrow at ‘Event Show Asia’ in Mumbai.

The EP, say the band members, is their way of “breaking musical shackles” and to “revive rock music with a modern twist through thought-provoking poetry.”

The launch will be in collaboration with eventfaqs.com and after their event, the tracks will be available across all streaming platforms for public consumption.

Apart from the title track, ‘Marz’ will also feature the tracks, ‘Afzai’ and ‘Kashmir’.

The one motto they follow is one they tell us, “Out of all the chapters in our diary, we felt an immediate need to share these with the world as part of our first EP. They are musical interpretations of opinions or situations we all see and this is our expression of it.”


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