What does a million-dollar ticket to Secret Solstice Festival 2018 get you?

By Bandook - April 30, 2018

What does a million-dollar ticket to Secret Solstice Festival 2018 get you?

96 hours in the lap of luxury in Iceland and a lineup headlined by SlayerClean BanditStormzyGucci Mane and Steve Aoki among others

Wanna get treated like royalty? Of course, it’ll cost you. But when it comes to music festivals, forget the VIPs or the VVIPs, one music festival has them all beat in ticket price. With a $1million price tag, an exclusive ticket to the Secret Solstice 2018 in Iceland might give you a heart attack just with the mention of it. But what does it get you? That’s the question. The answer doesn’t cost a million quid, so here goes…

1. You get to fly in to the festival in a private chartered business jet from anywhere. ANYWHERE on the planet
2. Luxury Accommodation for the entire week with unlimited champagne and Icelandic delicacies./
3. A gift hamper on arriving at Secret Solstice 2918.
4. Party with an international music artist at a private concert, backstage access to every concert and all food and drinks, including exquisite cocktails.
5. Your own Fairy Godmother who provides you with personal grooming everyday and access to all spa treatments, two deluxe cars, personal drivers and private escort every day.
6. Catered private FIFA World Cup viewing party for you and your invite lists.
7. Private helicopter tour over the glaciers and volcanoes of South Iceland, summer picnic and a stay at a luxury hotel at the countryside.
8. VIP midnight sun yacht party with artists on the lineup and a yacht safari among floating icebergs.
9. Unlimited hot dogs from a world famous hot dog stand at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur
10. Snowmobile and sledding across the Langjökull glacier.
11. Dinner at Iceland’s top exclusive restaurants, an enchanting candlelight dinner inside a cave.
12. Horseback riding session with purebred Icelandic Horses.
13. Well-known personal photographer to capture your entire experience.

Needless to say, unless you earn a fat paycheck, you’ll have to save up for several lifetimes, before thinking of being able to afford one of these.

Anyway, we can keep dreaming, can’t we?


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