What if Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber had a rap battle?

By Bryan Durham - January 22, 2019

Imagined rap battles or throwdowns between pop stars, pop culture icons and TV/movie characters is something YouTube has been throwing at us for some time now. But when we chanced upon Mikey Junchaya’s new video featuring a rap battle between Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, we were hooked.

With a variety of throwdowns and clapbacks and some clever wordplay traded, Mikey aka Mr Grande is on fire. He wears a colour printout of the artists’ faces on his own, but gives us the closest and newest take on what the real thing (scripted or otherwise) might sound like.

Mikey’s best moments come when you least expect it and that’s the best thing about the video. There’s no holding back when the characters he plays trade insults and judging by the many videos he puts up (link HERE).

By, the way, some rather well-known people also follow Mikey, including his idol, Ariana Grande.

Check out all his videos HERE.


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