Where’s the credits for Tony Kakkar’s ‘Coca Cola Tu’ re-creation?

By Bryan Durham - January 24, 2019

The trailer of Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon’s film Luka Chuppi has dropped and while we’ve fallen off our chairs laughing at this story which has a fun-filled take on “living in” with the family, what caught our attention, is this…

Two songs feature in the trailer prominently and both are re-creations. The first is the re-creation of Coca Cola Tu, Tony Kakkar’s hit featuring Young Desi and the second is Poster Lagwa Do (Yeh Khabar Chapwa Do) from the 1997 film Aflatoon.

Continuing with the tried-and-tested trend of using re-creations of old and new songs in a soundtrack, the film’s trailer proves that the Bollywood music fad of 2018 will well continue into 2019.

Tanishk Bagchi isn’t alone here, though. The Remix Raja has White Noise Studios (Sachin-Jigar’s A&R venture) and Abhijit Vaghani for company. At this point, though, it’s unclear who will be re-creating what.

Where’s the credits for Tony Kakkar’s ‘Coca Cola Tu’ re-creation?

What IS truly surprising though, is the exclusion of Tony Kakkar and Young Desi from this credit slate. While this particular slate goes to great lengths to mention the original composing and lyric-writing credits of the Aflatoon song (probably because they own the music rights to the film?) along with all the composers and lyricists, it conveniently ignores the Desi Music Factory artists.

Where’s the credits for Tony Kakkar’s ‘Coca Cola Tu’ re-creation?

Coca Cola Tu is one of Tony Kakkar’s biggest hits and it cemented his position in the industry as a viral hitmaker, raking up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube since its release (up to the point it got deleted from YouTube).

Not including the original artist’s name (Tony Kakkar wrote and composed the song) when the song is as well known as it is, is just wrong. Especially when you’re on a credit-giving spree, no?

Well, in any case, Tony Kakkar is positive about the song making it to the film. He confidently says, “Each artist has a signature tune or a tune that becomes his calling card. In Coca Cola Tu’s case, it’s Tony Kakkar. This became THE song for me. And finally, after a year-long journey, it’s become a non-film success story and will be incorporated into a film. And what better film than one that’s content-driven, my kind of cinema.”

Has he seen the song’s placement in the trailer? What were his thoughts? He shares, “Whatever little of the song I saw in the Luka Chuppi trailer, I found the placement quite good. I’m happy it’s made it to a film and am thankful to the fans for making the song so big. Also, Kartik Aaryan’s one of the brightest young actors we have today. I’m really happy the song is being pictured on them.”

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