Why Aparshakti Khurana didn’t promote Tere Do Naina!

By Bandook - June 3, 2019

He may be a supporting actor of some note, but it is kinda puzzling to note that Aparshakti Khurana doesn’t treat all his projects equally (You know, like big-ticket Bollywood actors do?). And this was most apparent when he was present at the media promotions of only one of his recent singles.

To be fair, one did have him acting, singing, composing the music and penning the lyrics (Kudiye Ni), the other had him solely doing what we know he’s best at: acting (Tere Do Naina). Such tough choices, no?

Why Aparshakti Khurana didn’t promote Tere Do Naina!

And no, it wasn’t like both promotions took place at the same time. Though the two singles released a few days apart, but still…

The thing is, though, Apar… one of the singles suffers from your supposed scheduling conflicts. And the one we’re talking about is a relatable, uniquely marketed story-driven video you were part of. The other one has your stamp all over the audio, but video-wise, was pretty vanilla.

Let that sink in…. pretty and vanilla (no offense meant, Tahira, but it is what it is).

You could have made time for both. You didn’t.


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