Why Emiway Bantai’s ‘New World is old wine in a new bottle

By Bryan Durham - May 22, 2020

Why Emiway Bantai’s ‘New World is old wine in a new bottle

You’ve got to hand it to Emiway Bantai for getting on New World, an international collaboration with Snoop Dogg and singer-songwriter Lexz Pryde. In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, no less!

I mean, if DIVINE can land a Nas (NY Se Mumbai), Emiway getting the big Dogg is a sureshot smackdown, right?


The Nas-Divine collaboration is legit and the track the two have together is an original one. 

All Emiway has done is hop on to a 2015 track called Motivate by Lexz, which features Snopp Dogg and Blade Brown, excluded Blade, made a few cosmetic changes, vomited a few verses that really does the opposite of ‘Motivate’ or move people. 

Bantai ki public (or Emiway’s fans) will argue that it’s a win-win for Lexz and Snoop, who both have a minuscule presence on YouTube. And that’s because the single released on Emi’s channel. For reference, Lexz has 2.2k subscribers and Snoop has 6.3mn, while Emiway has a whopping 10.9 mn subs. 

But take that statistic away and just look at the Global Digital Artist Ranking which aggregates chart positions of artists across streaming and you find that Snoop Dogg is ranked #709 with 60.5 points, while Emiway sits at #3110 in the world with 12.9 points.

Consider the fact that Snoop hasn’t promoted New World at all. Only Emiway and Lexz are. 

Now, here’s my problem with the New World single. It has none of the fire or savagery Emiway brings to his singles. He comes in at the 2-minute mark and stays for close to 45 seconds on a track with a 3:15 running time, so fans will have to wait for his part all the way in the middle. After all, public, isn’t that what you came for?

Secondly, Motivate was made with all the best intentions, but went nowhere despite Snoop supporting the track. To claim some sort of ownership (“meeting of minds between 3 unique yet similar global artists’?) for bragging rights (it’s Snoop we’re talking about here!) is just juvenile. 

Apart from resurrect a long-forgotten song and get two producers (Kiran Bengal and Nick Price) for a cosmetic updation, it doesn’t involve Emiway doing the advertised “get up off your ass, stop making excuses (you betcha, they’re coming). He does, however, “go get it” and shop for a tune to cannibalise on. 

Like… you know how Bantai’s Machayenge producer Tony James conveniently used KSHMR’s My Best Life sample and never bothered crediting him?

One wishes his lyricism was strong on New World. At least that would have made it palatable enough to sit through this ‘re-creation’.


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