Why The Yellow Diary’s ‘Dheere Se’ is our fav song from Izafa

By Bryan Durham - November 19, 2018

The second track to release from The Yellow Diary’s second EP, Izafa is ’Dheere Se’, a track so intimate that you can imagine the sweet nothings between two lovers basking in the warm afterglow of intimacy.

The video itself is a classy, dimly-lit, blue-bathed setting with the stars behind the band. Rajan’s superlative songwriting is at the fore of a track that immediately holds your attention and stays with you long after it is done.

Quite easily our song of choice from the EP, ‘Dheere Se’ doesn’t require you to have experienced a moment like this, for it to be relatable. It conjures images of a moment you’d like to have, a love so simple and pure it captivates you.

Himonshu is a star in the wings, keeping it all together, giving Sahil, Vaibhav and Stuart adequate moments to shine… just like the rising sun behind them.

Check out the video here:


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