You like Ariana Grande’s hair?

By Bryan Durham - March 12, 2019

Gee, thanks! Here’s what you should know…

Ariana Grande and her long mane are known. That massively high (gravity-defying even!) ponytail has a fan army of its own.

But while we’re all aware that’s not what her hair looks like, few had glanced behind the curtain…

But did you know what her real hair looks like? We were super curious to know what the pop queen’s real hair REALLY looks like….

She revealed it on Snapchat recently…

Take a look for yourself…

In the video, she’s staring straight into the camera looking cute as ever in her real short, curly locks, and says, “You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it.”

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Anndd at the end, she picks up her hairpiece and shows it to the camera!

What makes this video all the more adorable is the fact that she’s referencing her hit 7 Rings.

Later, when fans requested proof of her hair short and curly, Grande shared a video of her REAL hair and they were nowhere close to what we’ve been seeing all this while! It’s actually pretty similar to one of her posts she shared from her childhood.

But this obviously isn’t the first time she posted an image without her famour hairdo. Back in Nov 2018, also she posted an image, which made her fans totally wild and crazy!

So now, the world finally knows what Grande really looks like! Pretty different though cute! What do you think?

We still love you, Ariana!


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