You Owe Me | Chainsmokers

By Bandook - February 19, 2018

Drew Taggart continues his singing streak with You Owe Me, the follow-up to Sick Boy.
The opening scenes of the video show Alex and Drew playing house, running a tight ship, even as Drew sings on.
Mid-video, you kinda figure they’re setting up for a party. 
And so, it makes you wonder why…
…lyrically, TCS goes to a dark place with You Owe Me. And while it might lead you to believe it’s about loneliness and depression early on, you know there’s something amiss.
Things go awry (as they often do, in such cases).
What follows is not a bark, but a bite.
Are they who they say they are or are they a totally different beast?
You have to wonder what’s eating at TCS for them to have taken this road less taken.
While there’s a definite nod to a Backstreet Boys video visually, they’re a little wonky on the message they’re sending out with this one.



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