Zaeden: Fans appreciate that ‘kya karoon?’ had a much-needed calming effect on them

By Bryan Durham - March 31, 2020

Until lately, you knew Zaeden (real name: Sahil Sharma) as a young DJ/record producer of note, who broke out with remixes of Coldplay and Maroon 5 songs. That calling card now needs an update. Zaeden released tere bina, his first single as a singer-songwriter in September last year and now, seeks to cement that versatility with kya karoon?, his latest single.

The new track got quite the buzz with a well-thought-out promotional campaign that then played out as a chill track that calls for repeat listens and a music video that is as stylish as it is beautiful.

We shot off a few questions to Zaeden about the new single. Here are his replies…

Zaeden: Fans appreciate that ‘kya karoon?’ had a much-needed calming effect on them

Before you announced kya karoon?, your team and you ran a viral promotional question with a mere question mark. Did it create the required buzz?

It did grab a lot of attention, my idea was to create curiosity amongst the fans and general audience. And as a wider plan, I asked my celebrity friends and musicians to help me add another layer of suspense. My DMs were full of questions from my fans and it was fun to watch them decode what I’m up to next. 

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#control your excitement guys.. ? @armaanmalik

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What were the craziest guesses that came your way as a result of the exercise?

Ans.  I remember someone commented on 26/03 post saying ‘”Zaeden’s getting married on ‘26/03’” I was laughing for a whole minute over this comment. 

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Post release, what are the comments you’ve got that you hold closest to your heart?

It’s difficult to pick just one comment but overall everyone has been telling me the song has a very calming effect on them. Its melody is very peaceful and easy. A lot of fans have been appreciating that during these tough times, my track has been giving them the much-needed calming effect. 

If you could meet that school-time crush again now (after the lockdown, of course), do you think, she’d reciprocate?

Umm, I absolutely have no idea how she will react to the song. But I’m curious to find out, now that you’ve posed this question. 

If a fan asks you “kya karoon?” during this 21-day lockdown, your answer would be?

Please stay indoors and start with washing your hands regularly.
You can go back to reading if there’s a book that you’ve been meaning to read for the longest time (I know, there is).
Clean your house, if you stay with your parents and siblings distribute your chores.
Watch Netflix (the golden option) there’s tons of content to be consumed.
And lastly, watch & listen to kya karoon? and leave a comment. 

Does simplicity work all the time for you? tere bina had the same old-world charm with a modern touch. Is this going to be your niche now?

For me, visuals always cement the afterthought of my track’s melody. Right from tere bina to kya karoon?, both have very easy, calm vibes and I thought the visuals should align in that manner. I would not say that this is my niche, but it comes naturally to me to start a visual thought from a old-world charm. 

How/Why did you pick Julia Haydon for this project? What was she like to work with?

Julia is a dear friend, and when I sat down to visualize the video, I narrowed it down to someone who’d do justice to the word ‘nostalgia’. Someone who can basically bring in the charm of living a dream sequence out. And after a lot of thought, I asked Julia if she’d be interested and she jumped right in on the project. I’m so happy that she featured in the video and performed so well. 

Zaeden: Fans appreciate that ‘kya karoon?’ had a much-needed calming effect on them
Julia Haydon in kya karoon?

Why the choice to get on board with Artist Originals on this?

Artist Originals has always been on my radar. With some of their past work I’ve been wanting to work with the AO team. When I sent Leilah & Mohan (A&Rs at Artist Originals) the first draft of kya karoon?’, both were so excited about it, that we got started and made up minds that kya karoon? is going to be an AO release. As a team, they’ve got a very unique working style and say in things. I did notice most of their artists have their own unique fandoms and how they work within that system, is really cool. They understand the artist persona in and out and build up the release from there. Not a lot of labels do that now-a-days and I appreciate this intricacy put in any kind of work. 


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